Value #2: Gospel

Not long ago I walked into the office and found a package addressed to me. When I opened the box, I found a note and several coffee mugs from one of my favorite organizations. I was pumped! 

I immediately (and literally) ran to the offices of our campus pastors to share the good news and give them their own coffee mugs. Luckily someone who didn't get a mug was around to snap a pic of us as proof

A coffee mug. 

That's all it took to create enough excitement for me tell someone about my experience and invite them to share in my joy. 

At Northridge Kids that's exactly how we feel about our second value, the Gospel. We are so excited about what Jesus has done for us that we want to share our experience with others.  

What is the Gospel? 

The word gospel actually means "good news." It is the news of Jesus' life, death and resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:1-8). That news is good because Jesus has taken our place! Jesus' death paves the way for forgiveness with God, from whom we would otherwise be separated from because of our sins. The Gospel is good news telling us that through Jesus we can have forgiveness from sin and access to God. 

Because Northridge Kids thinks the Gospel is the most important message in history, it is the motivation for everything we say and do on Sunday morning with your kids and throughout the week to partner with adults.

What is our goal? 

When we share the Gospel, our desire is that kids respond in one of two ways: 


We want share the Gospel with every kid who walks into Northridge Kids so that they can hear and accept it. By accept it we mean that they believe in Jesus. We want them to express their belief by asking Jesus to be the forgiver of their sins. 

What we don't want to do is take away your job as spiritual leader. So, as much as we want to talk about Jesus and the Gospel, we want you to be the one who is able to walk with your child across the line of faith. That joy and responsibility is yours! Our volunteers will communicate conversations that indicate your child's interest in faith and our staff is willing to help provide resources and coaching to make you as comfortable as possible as you talk to your kids about accepting Jesus as their forgiver.  

You will find a couple of recommended resources at the bottom of the blog. If you have any further questions on having faith conversations with your kids, please feel free to open a conversation with us HERE.

The Gospel is a message that only has to be believed once - BUT it also serves as the MOTIVATION behind every decision from there on out. Therefore, our second goal is that when the Gospel is shared it will...


One of the earliest followers of Jesus, Paul, wrote that it is God who gives the believer desire and power for acting out our faith (Philippians 2:13). For those who believe in God, the Gospel helps us want to do right and provides the energy we need to do right in our life. That's motivation! 

Each month our kids learn a new Life App. Teaching kids to show contentment, generosity or perseverance apart from God's power is merely moralism. You could stay at home and see that on a cartoon.

Moralism IS NOT our goal! 

What makes Northridge Kids different is that we teach kids that the only way they're able to demonstrate these monthly faith skills is through the power God provides. The motivation and energy to obey God is only available to those who have accepted Jesus. 

The Gospel excites us.

It motivates us to share.

We want each kid who hears that message to accept it and use it to motivate faith in action. And when they do...the celebration is much larger than the dance we do for a new coffee mug.




PDF. How to talk to your kids about faith. Salvation Conversation Guidelines.

Video. How to share the Gospel with your kids. Bridge Illustration.

Book. Brief yet powerful look at the Gospel as motivation for believers. Living the Cross Centered Life.