Value #7: Fun

My kids have never begged me to take them to the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. 

However, my kids regularly beg me for a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. And let me tell you, it's not because the pizza is awesome. The reason they want to go back is because THEY have fun! 

The lights. The sounds. The games. The caffeine. The prizes. 

Fun is a motivation my kids use determine where they go.

Oh, the headaches.

In 2009 car maker Volkswagen set out to prove that the idea of fun is the easiest way to improve people's behavior. The company created and filmed several scenarios that tested their theory. In each scenario, VW created a fun way to perform a task to see if more people would do the fun task as opposed to the ordinary task. Below is one experiment they conducted on taking the stairs. 

By the time this experiment ended, 66% more people took the stairs! Even though taking the stairs is harder work, the VW experiment revealed that fun changes the way we behave. We are more likely to perform tasks we may typically resent if they can be done in a way that creates joy.  

Fun is a motivation that determines what we do. 

We have fun because we are serious about the mission.
— Joe McAlpine

When your kids show up to Northridge Kids, we want them to see that God is a God of fun. After all, God gives us gifts such as money (1 Tim. 6:17) and food (Ecc. 2:24-25) to enjoy in his presence. God wants us to enjoy his gifts, which include learning, with joy out of thanks to him.

How do we have fun at Northridge Kids?


Every environment at Northridge consists of an appealing place and engaging presentation. We've talked before how our environments and teachings are constructed with your child's stage of life in mind. But our environments are also designed with bright colors and themes that create a sense of wonder. This wonder helps awaken their physical and spiritual senses to better learn through our creative stories, songs and activities.  

We think the place your kids gather on Sunday morning are ones that they'll love coming to and will even help them interact with their friends (adult and kids) in order to get the most out of the Bible teaching each week. 

When you child has fun in our environments, they have a greater attention span as well as a greater ability to retain information. Fun is powerful. 

We like to create fun environments because we're serious about the Gospel. 


For better or worse, kids are great copycats. If your kids can talk, you've likely been surprised by something they've said. To be honest, they probably heard it from you. Our words from their mouths, don't sound the same. 

Kids are always on the lookout for social cues. From the time our children are infants until about the age of thirteen, kids are constantly matching their emotions and behaviors they observe in other people. Because of this, our volunteers bring the fun with them on Sunday morning. 

You'll consistently find our volunteers are excited and ready to engage with your kids. Each volunteer works to connect with your kids. Our team uses activities and conversations to learn about your child's passions and interests.

We like to have fun because we're serious about relationships. 

Kids don’t learn from people who don’t like them. And they will never feel like you like them if you don’t know them.
— Reggie Joiner & Kristen Ivy


Fun is a leading motivator of nearly every action we take as people. Therefore, we want your kids to enjoy their time in our environments and with our volunteers so much that they want to be back at Northridge Kids as soon as possible.

How do you know if we're succeeding at fun? 

If your kid is dragging you to church on Sunday morning...we think we've succeeded. 

Just remember, you should still be the one who drives to church.