Favorite Music for Families

Fortunately for those of us who are currently in the midst of parenting, the music of the Wiggles is long gone. However, what culture has replaced the Wiggles with can sometimes be alarming to little and big ears alike. As parents, it's not a necessity that we only listen to worship or Christian music, but we should remember that our children's eyes and ears are the gateways to their hearts. What we allow them to watch and listen to will have a direct impact on their thoughts and actions (Proverbs 4:23). 

With all that aside, the point of this blog is not to argue about what type of music you should listen to, but to share what WE are listening to at Northridge Kids. Here's a list of our favorite music for families to listen to: 


The power of Spotify is found not only in creating a mix of your own favorite music but also in the ease of snagging the best playlists from others. If you'd like a pre-assembled music mix of Northridge Kids favorites, including songs we sing on Sunday, then you can find a ready to listen to a playlist for HighPoint, Hot Spot and the Ark. Listen to these tunes for FREE or purchase a Premium plan to take your music with you everywhere you go.  


We love the variety of modern lyrics and tunes coming from Think Orange. Besides the variety, our favorite part of their music is that Orange Music's lyrics connect closely with our monthly life apps for HighPoint (elementary) and bottom lines for Ark/Hot Spot (preschool environments). You can listen to these fun albums on Spotify, purchase through iTunes or the Amber Sky Record site. 


Coming out of Southern California, Saddleback Kids Worship's album Brave has songs that contain a nice balance of worship and biblical application. This album filled with moving music is one you'll hear as the background music in Northridge Kids hallways and elementary environments nearly every Sunday. Listen HERE. If you're into videos, you can find a number of their Bible verse based preschool songs on YouTube


The NEW Only Jesus album produced by Austin Stone Church is a worship album focused on the priority of Jesus in our life. In addition to the excellent Christ-focused music included on the album are the blogs discussing the theology behind each song and the devotional guide provided for parents to help their kids apply the song's biblical truth to life. 


Much of what causes adults to rebel against the very music preschoolers love and crave is the endless repetition. Rain for Roots provides lyrics from the Bible, sung in repetition, with music that won't drive a parent crazy. Their artful combination of lyrics and music allows little ears to hear and enjoy as well as little minds to remember and sing. Your soul will be encouraged by the songs as much as your heart will be when your kids sing along to Rain for Roots. Find their albums HERE


There are a number of other ministries creating engaging music and music videos for kids, so don't be afraid to explore some of our other favorites as you discover what your family likes best: North Point Kids, Elevation Church Kids, KidSpring, LifeWay Kids Worship and Bethel Music Kids.

Did we miss anything musicians you love? If so, let us know! We love keeping our playlists filled with fresh content.