What is the purpose of Parent & Child Dedication?
It's an opportunity for parents:

  • to publicly recognize their children are a gift from God and

  • to dedicate themselves to Christ-centered parenting, pointing their kids to Jesus at every opportunity.

  • to commit to live within a community of believers and finally,

  • to commit to model godly principles with the hope that one day their child will accept Jesus as the forgiver of their sins and leader of their life.

What happens at a Parent & Child Dedication?

At the Parent & Child Dedication event, parents and their children will come forward while a slideshow is played (the slideshow will be photos of each child being dedicated, along with family photo and names). One of our pastors will speak directly to parents, to the church congregation, and will pray for these families. The Dedication will take about 10-15 minutes during the worship service.

Is it anything like infant baptism?

No, a Parent & Child Dedication is not like infant baptism. We believe that when people are old enough to understand what it means to put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, they should be baptized following that decision. The Parent & Child Dedication is about YOUR commitment as a parent to lead your child into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

When is the Parent & Child Dedication event?

Once you have attended a Parent & Child Dedication Orientation (see below), you may participate in the dedication on December 2nd. Dedications will be held during both morning services.

Do I have to attend a Parent & Child Dedication Orientation?

Yes. All families wishing to participate in the Parent & Child Dedication on December 2nd must complete some simple homework and then attend an Orientation. Orientation will be held November 11th and 18th from 10:10am-10:25am at your campus and can be attended on either date.

Can I invite friends and family who don't attend Northridge?

Yes! In fact, we plan to give you invitations at the Orientation! We are also planning a small reception for your families and guests. Details will be provided at the Orientation. 

You mentioned homework...? 

We believe the time you spend preparing for the upcoming Parent & Child Dedication could be some of the most valuable moments you spend this year. Once you've registered, we'll send you links to a couple of parenting videos and ask you to think about a few goals as parents and answer a few simple questions. No algebra or periodic tables requied! :)

Being a new Christian or new to Northridge, I am a little nervous about all of this...
If you are a new Christian, we are delighted to be a part of this important step in your newly found walk with Jesus. Our intent is to come alongside of you and help ensure that the dedication is a non-threatening process that will be a personal time of deep significance for you and your family.

I want to participate! What are my NEXT STEPS?

Click the button below to complete the Registration Form.

Once you have completed the Registration Form, we will contact you with a link to interact with the homework that we require for participation.

Please contact us with any questions you have. We look forward to celebrating with you!