The time you spend preparing for your upcoming Parent & Child Dedication could be some of the most valuable moments you spend this year. The decisions you make now have the potential to have lasting spiritual impact on your children and will help shape the legacy you leave as a parent.

The answers you provide to the questions below are for YOU, not for us.
We simply seek to partner with you in living out Deuteronomy 6 in your home.

One year from now, we will remind you of the answers you provide here. It will be an opportunity for you to evaluate how you're doing as your child's primary spiritual leader, and help you to regain proper perspective on what matters most in parenting.

Part 1: The Greatest Threat to Your Child's Spirituality

If the goal of parenting is to raise children who love God and others in a culture that focuses predominantly on loving one's self, the challenge of parenting is very intimidating and counter-cultural.

Part 2: Priority of Parenting

The priority of parenting should be to make marriage a priority. Child-centered families are destructive to children rather than healthy and helpful. In Part 2 we take a look at the first marriage and how God set it up to succeed.

Part 3: The Greatest Hope for Your Child's Spirituality

In this segment, we'll see that the parents are the greatest hope for their child's spirituality. The message will get practical in how you can make an impact on your children in their spiritual journey.

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