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Week 1

Bible Story Focus: God promises to always be with me. 

Moses and the Burning Bush• Exodus 3; Psalm 118:7

Week 2:

Bible Story Focus: God’s promises are awesome!

Moses in the Red Sea• Exodus 13:17-18; 14

week 3

Bible Story Focus: God keeps His promises even if we have to wait.

Abraham and Sarah• Genesis 12

week 4

Bible Story Focus: I can believe God’s promises.

Noah (God’s Plan)• Genesis 6:8-33; 7:1-24

week 5

Bible Story Focus: God keeps His promises.

Noah (God’s Promise)• Genesis 8:1–9:17

A Big Picture Look at the Month:

Memory Verse:“Trust the Lordwith all your heart.” Proverbs 3:5, NCV

Key Question: Who keeps His promises?

Bottom Line: God keeps His promises.

Basic Truth: God loves me.