Northridge Kids


Northridge Kids welcomes all children (birth - 5th grade) who attend Northridge Church each Sunday! Our environments, activities, and lessons are designed specifically for each age group so that kids can learn and apply the Bible to their life while their family does the same in our weekend worship service. 


Our Values:



We want the Bible to serve as the absolute authority for our lives since its very words come from God.


We want to share the Gospel regularly so that it may be accepted by unbelievers and serve as motivation for believers.


We want parents to enjoy our worship experience knowing our kids' environments are designed with your child's physical and emotional well-being in mind.


We want to partner with parents by serving as a resource for your family and by connecting your kids with loving leaders and life-long friends.


We want the Bible to come to life through activities and discussions that capture kids’ attention and motivate them to action.


We want the Bible and the Gospel to make sense to today’s kids through age-appropriate stories and real-life application.


We want kids to enjoy their time learning while they’re with us and be eager to come back at every opportunity.

Our Mission:

Partnering with parents to inspire faith in the next generation